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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Harga/Price : RM45/USD15 (10gm), RM150/USD45 (50gm)

Kaedah Pemulihan Saintifik Yang Tebukti

Scientifically Proven Treatment Against

Jika anda sudah menghidapi penyakit psoriasis selama 2, 10 atau 20 tahun, inilah masanya untuk mengubati. Psorcare ialah kaedah perubatan herba yang diformulasi oleh Prof Azimahtol Hawariah Lope Pihie dari Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia melalui penyelidikan and teknologi inovasi. Produk ini amat laris di Asia, dengan pengidap lebih 2000 yang kini menikmati hidup tanpa psoriasis. Pada tahun 2004, Psorcare telah menerima anugerah emas di Pameran Inovasi dan Kaedah Baru dan Produk di Geneva (dibawah "Psorcure: Komposisi Phytoterapi untuk perubatan Psoriasis")

Psorcare akan mengubati segala jenis penyakit psoriasis: plaque, pustular, vulgaris, and toenails, dan juga ekzema dan penyakit kulit. Ia adalah kaedah perubatan herba yang diformulasi daripada penyelidikan dan pembuktian saintifik, yang mengubat psoriasis dangan menggalak apaptosis (program sel mati) pada sel kulit yang terancam. Kini, buat pertama kalinya, ia boleh didapati dengan pembelian secara 'online'.

If you have suffered from psoriasis for 2, 10 or even 20 years the wait is finally over. Psorcare is a topical herbal remedy prepared and formulated by Prof Azimahtol Hawariah Lope Pihie from the National University of Malaysia through research and innovative technology. This product is in great demand in Asia, with over 2000+ patients who are now living a psoriasis-free life. In 2004, Psorcare received a gold award at the Exhibition of Inventions of New Techniques and Products in Geneva (under "Psorcure: A Phytotherapeutic Composition for the Treatment of Psoriasis").

Psorcare will treat all kinds of psoriasis: plaque, pustular, vulgaris, and toenails, as well as eczema and skin irritation. It is a topical herbal remedy that is formulated based on research and scientific evidence, that treats psoriasis by inducing apaptosis (programme cell death) on the effected skin cells. Now, for the first time, it is available to buy online.

Psocare adalah herba topikal yang dibuat dan diformulasi melalui penyelidikan dan teknologi inovasi.

Ia telah dibuktikan secara saintifik untuk menghilangkan kegatalan dan dari signifikasinya mengurangkan simptom yang berkaitan dengan psoriasis dan ekzema.

Psorcare is topical herbal remedy prepared and formulated through research and innovative technology.

It is scientifically proven to alleviate the itchiness and significantly reduce the symptoms associated with psoriasis and eczema.

Ia merangkumi 100% ekstrak tumbuhan dari keluarga Zingiberaceae yang boleh digunakan sekerap mana yang diingini.

It consists of a 100% PLANT EXTRACT from the Zingiberaceae family and can be used as often as desired.

Krim Psorcare boleh digunakan pada jangka masa yang lama dan juga boleh dikombinasi dengan ubat yang lain. Ia juga selamat digunakan oleh kanak-kanak dan juga ibu yang hamil. Dengan mangikut tahap keseriusan keadaan penyakit, anda boleh melihat sendiri perubahan signifikasi dalam jangka masa hanya 5 hari penggunaan. Psorcare boleh diperoleh dalam dua jenis: Krim psorcare dikhususkan untuk psoriasis kulit. Losyen Psorcare dikhususkan untuk kulit kepala (sila lihat gambar bawah).

Psorcare cream can be applied for an extended period of time and can be used with in conjunction with other medication. It is save for use on children as well as pregnent mothers. Depending on the seriousness of the condition, you can expect to see significant changes in as little as 5 days of application. Psorcare comes in two forms: psorcare cream is recommended for skin psoriasis. For psoriasis of the scalp, we recommend psorcare lotion (see picture below).


Harga/Price: RM90/USD28 (100ml)
Losyen Psorcare adalah untuk kulit kepala.
Psorcare Lotion for the scalp.

membuat pesanan:

1. Confirm kuantiti melalui e-mail: mailto: shajun71[at]gmail.com atau

sms ke 013-3333162 /013-3303162

2. Kami akan beritahu jumlah kos (termasuk kos pos).

3. Sila Bank in ke akaun
CIMB  1444-0003-8665-28 (Azanil Putra Ahmad Rapaai), atau
Maybank  562209606588 (Azanil Putra ahmad Rapaai), atau 
RHB  1-12125-0036941-6 (Azanil Putra Ahmad Rapaai) 

4. SMS/e-mail Alamat Tuan/Puan untuk tujuan penghantaran.

5. Produk akan dihantar secepat mungkin.

6. Kes Istimewa kalau rumah area laluan saya(Puchong), boleh saya hantar terus ke pintu rumah anda

There are three types of Psorcare Cream: yellow, brown and black. You may specify the color when ordering.

Black (extra strength): Has a strong, slightly unpleasant smell. Therefor may not be suitable for use in the workplace. However, it lasts longer and is most effective. Needs to be applied 3x daily.
Brown (medium strength): Has a relatively pleasant smell. Needs to be applied every 3-4 hours.

Yellow (regular strength): Has a pleasant smell. Suitable for use in the workplace and suitable for people with thin skin (i.e., elderly people, babies and toddlers, and people with very fair skin) Needs to be applied more frequently (approximately every 2-3 hours).

Note: Most of our patients prefer yellow.

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2 comments: on "Krim PSORCARE Cream"

imronmahmudi said...

saya tertarik mendapatkan produk psorcare, kalau dari indonesia bagaimana cara pemberlianya dan harga rupiahnya berapa?

Lili Setiaji said...

Di idonesia yogyakarta bisa di dapat dimana ya terimakasih


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